Advantages Of Creating An Llc In New York

Advantages Of Creating An Llc In New York

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Registering a new start up as a Limited Liability Company is the most convenient way to give a legal identity to your dream firm. Most types of business can be registered as an LLC in New York. The state of New York provides many benefits for companies registered as LLC, while providing protection to the owner in the case of the company not performing well. If you are a professional dreaming about establishing your LLC, consult Windsor Corporate services at They help clients with all the formalities related to establishing LLC in New York and take care of the legal and publication formalities. They receive and conduct all the correspondence with the state on behalf of the client, thus saving time and money of the entrepreneurs.


Advantages of setting up an LLC in New York

  • The procedure is simple and easy. All the forms required to be filed like the articles of organization are available with the state of New York and can be easily filled by the aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The main advantage of registering as an LLC is the owners are not liable to pay the debts and other expenses of the company. The debts, liabilities and expenses incurred by the LLC are of the company alone and the owners are not held liable to clear any of them from private property in case of the company incurs losses.
  • Owners of the LLC are not subject to double taxation as in the case of corporation which pay tax as separate entities and the members are again taxed for the dividends and profits received. The income earned by the LLC is taxed in the owner’s tax returns. The owners show the LLC’s profits and losses in their own tax returns.
  • Making changes in LLC’s operating agreement is very easy and can be done with very less paper work. This increases the flexibility in profit and loss distribution amongst its members. There are also no restrictions on the number of members in an LLC. The members can also be added or removed from the LLC.
  • Registering a firm as an LLC allows great flexibility in the management structure of the company. There is no need to consult the Board of Directors for every minor change in the company’s management.
  • LLCS do not have compulsory meeting requirements as in the case of corporations. They need not hold Annual General Meetings and maintain the cumbersome records or follow strict legal rules and regulations.
  • Registering the firm as an LLC increases its reputation among customers, suppliers and other clients. They are sure of your seriousness in running the business for long term when the firm is registered as an LLC.

Keeping in mind all the above advantages of registering an LLC, the new entrepreneurs who want to launch their dream projects should go for this option. They can consult Windsor corporate services at   for guidance and help in the process of registering the firm. They have different packages to suit the client’s requirements. These firms help the entrepreneurs with all the formalities like filing up forms like articles of organisation and operating agreement, publishing in local news papers, correspondence with tax and legal authorities and satisfying other legal formalities of the state. Since they are experienced in all these spheres, it saves a lot of time and money for the entrepreneur.

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