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Chapter or parts found in the bully game

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Bully is a game that narrates or navigates through the story of a 15 years old boy. He studies in a Bullworth academy which is a boarding school. The bully game is comprised or various parts like bully anniversary edition, bully scholarship edition and much more. This games is made available in almost all the platforms like pc, androids, iphone and playstations. The bully scholarship edition consists of two additional classes which is not available in the original version game. You can play these games online, or you can install it on your device to enjoy playing it any time.

Bully game is built chapter wise in which every chapter is a phase that has to be won. There are nearly six chapters which are in-built with various other mini games in it.By taking the classes properly and answering the puzzles or questions can bring you added advantages. So let’s see what all the six chapters consists of,

bully scholarship edition for android

  • Chapter one is the initial stage of the story. Here the player (Jimmy) meets Gary and Peter. And Gary betrays the other two such that the real quest gets started here.
  • Chapter two is like pepper corns that flutters. The rich kids of the school start to belittle and tease him. Try to increase or improve the respect on Jimmy through your actions.
  • Chapter three where Jimmy gets a girlfriend Lola. He manages various situations here in this greaser faction.Don’t mess with the gang or steal things or do anything wrong as this may lead you into trouble.
  • Chapter four deals with various events and it completely revolves around the character Jocks. Here you need to get help from the nerds.
  • Chapter five which is close to the climax. Here you need to save Gary and find the person who is responsible for all these action. Reveal the culprit and report the ongoing of the school to the president.
  • Chapter six is the end mode of bully scholarship edition for android. Further you cannot find any story and thus the end.

Download the game to enjoy playing it. It might sound simple but it’s really a rock star game.

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