Easy to do workout at home for bodybuilding chest muscles

Easy to do workout at home for bodybuilding chest muscles

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A well- developed chest would give a positive impression and would provide you with the strength and courage as well as it would make you feel confident about yourself. The building of chest muscles takes a lot of hard work and patience. bodybuilding chest muscle can be done inside as well as outside the gym, and today we shall talk about building of chest muscles indoors at home without using any equipment. Without the use of equipment also you can build impressive pectoral muscles.

Build chest muscle at home-Without equipment

There are several ways to do build chest muscles at home; here are a few basic movements that can be done by just using the bodyweight:

bodybuilding chest muscle

Push-ups variations

  • The basic push-up- The basic push-up is the tried and tested push-up, if you use your core in a proper form then will be quite attractive.
  • The narrow push-up- In this the hands are close together, the hands are sometimes put in a diamond shape made by the thumbs and the index fingers. So you will work out your chest with a narrow push-up and you will feel a lot of force from your triceps.
  • Crucifix-push up- Crucifix-push up is different from a regular-push up in terms of the placement of hands. The wider the hands, the harder the push-up would be. You can easily play with the angle to find your perfect place.
  • Archer Push-up- In this the hands won’t be as wide as in the crucifix push-up. With every repetition, you would shift your upper body weight, so that one arm is in a regular push-up position. Perform the push-up then move while changing sides.
  • The uneven Push-up- In this, the body would be in the regular push-up position, with one slight change that one hand would be elevated about 6” to 8” higher than the other hand.
  • Single-leg push up-In the single leg-push up, the entire leg is lifted in a straight line from the hip. The force for lifting the leg is generated from the flute and the hip.

Bodybuilding chest muscles with these push-ups variations at home are easy to do and follow on a regular basis.

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