Eating Healthy the Year Around

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Making healthy food choices is of the utmost importance today. Introducing more greens and fresh produce to your diet can have multiple benefits. Today, with all the fast food options, instant meals and food trucks and food delivery services that are available it is very easy, especially if you are busy to have a quick meal that is often loaded with carbs, unhealthy fats or that is imbalanced. Having a few lettuce leaves in a sandwich loaded with cheese and mayonnaise does not make a balanced healthy meal. Here are some suggestions for how and why you should start eating healthy the year around.

Multiple benefits

Adding fruit and vegetables to your diet is great for your body. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and other nutrients that you need that you will not get from eating processed foods. Adding fiber to your diet is great for your digestive system and can also help boost your metabolism. Spinach is rich in iron and carrots and pumpkin contain healthy starch and sugars. They can also help with your complexion and skin and can even help alleviate allergies – many people are mildly allergic to preservatives found in fast foods and processed food and you may find that making small changes to your diet by way of introducing more fruits and vegetables or even fresh herbs as seasoning could help.


Buy regularly

The trick to eating healthy is to constantly stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Often, organic produce will not keep for too long so it is best to avoid buying in bulk or to buy more than a serving or two at a time. For instance buy five apples instead of ten unless you plan on making a pie or apple sauce which will keep for longer. You should go to local markets where you have people selling out of custom made trailers. Click here for more information about the custom made trailers from Perth.

If someone is selling fruit out of custom made trailers in Adelaide, ten it is likely that they grow the produce themselves and you can ask them for recommendations on what you should buy that day.

Growing your own food

Another option to make sure you introduce fresh produce to your diet is to start growing your own. You can easily grow greens at home and even herbs like mustard, cress, mint and thyme or even rosemary. This is an easy way to add flavour to your food and to add in a few handfuls of fresh organic produce to any meal! You can throw in spinach leaves to a salad or a smoothie and can even try growing your own rocket and arugula or kale – all of which are high in nutrients and are easy to incorporate into any meal!

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