Electronic voting- An advanced security guarantee for voters

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Security necessities for voting systems have been bound over time. The Swiss Post system integrates individual verifiability which allows voters to determine whether they have stated has been manipulated or interrupted on the user platform or during transmission. The election is encrypted end-to-end (example from the citizen’s computer to the electronic ballot box) which offers a progressive security guarantee for voters.After several elections conducted with the Canton Consortium until the spring before three years, the State of Freiburg can again offer the probability of using vote enligne to its citizens living abroad.

The limit on the number of voters entitled to vote on the Internet is set at no more than 30% of the constituency. As a first step, e-voting will be exposed only to Swiss citizens living abroad, which represents around 5,000 voters in the region. Friborgnominated for the new electronic voting system put into service by Swiss Post, which will be used for the first time. This new solution is a second generation electronic voting system, acquiescent with the requirements of federal law and corresponding to directives issued in the Regulation of the Federal Chancellery on vote en ligne.

vote en ligne

The credentials of civic capacity will be printed in the Publishing Center of the State of Neuchâtel. This specialized printing works already prints the certificates for the canton of Neuchâtel. As for the all-encompassing, it will be carried out by the IT and logistics sector, according to the system used by the Association.In view of the optimistic results and success of e-voting among voters, the Federal Council decided to launch judicial work with the cantons in view of the transition from the present testing phase to the implementation of e-voting.

In the future, e-voting will be a method of voting in its individual right, as will vote in the ballot box and voting by mail. TheFederal Council hopes to give asignificant signal in the overlook of the extension of electronic voting throughout Switzerland, even if the overview will remain elective for the cantons as a first step. More than 200 trials were conducted and foremost their Swiss electors from abroad have been offered the chance to vote electronically. The canton of Neuchâtel, Geneva and Basel-Stadt has also presented electronic voting to some of their constituents in Switzerland. Tests have shown that digitization meets a requirement: up to two-thirds of voters in a region who can use electronic voting go to this form of voting.

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