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Published On January 25, 2017 | By admin | Business

It is evident that people who are working under the private sectors are not able to get the extra salary after their retirement age in the form of pension. People are known that, as like the government employees, the employees working in the private companies are not able to enjoy this benefit. Under these situations only, the scheme called employee provident fund has been announced. The ultimate working of the scheme can be explained as follows, that is, it is the simple plan that tends to extend help for the non-pensionable and the employees in the private sectors through which you can save at least a fraction of the amount in their every month salary. Well, there are two types of calculation that have been added to this calculation in the same while. It is namely, the company’s specific part of the salary that has been deducted to deposit in the employee’s EPF account and the user’s own contribution depending upon their wish. Well, to do so, through the online facilities, the epfo login is more widely used. These amounts can be withdrawn at the end of the retirement or in the resignation stage.


What the uses of logging into the site as a member?

If you like to get more offers and facilities provided by the institution, it is recommended to join to that institute as a member. By getting the epfo login and the EPF login membership, you can enjoy more beneficiary and transparent offers. This helps in making the work easier and independent. The following are the facilities that are available only to the members of the site. This includes,

  • Once in the time, if you have activated your UAN number, you can easily download your passbook to check the balance at the portal itself.
  • With this online facility, you can easily know the EPFO claim status.

To do so and to enjoy your benefits, your initial step is to register with the site without delaying your activation request. If you have any doubts, get the help from the online tutorials.







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