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Enjoying the feel of ecstasy is a hobby for a lot of people and they often searching for the best way to attain it. Today, there are much more products available for giving you the happiness feel. Among those things, bong can be the perfect element to buy. Actually, bong is one of the herbtools that can provide you the feel of bliss when it is taken. Let’s see all the facts about this bong in clear.


About bong material types

Just like the vaporizers, steam rollers and chillums, bongs are also used for smoking. However, it is used in the various materials for experience the feel of ecstasy. So, if you are interested in buying the bong for your needs, you should concentrate on so many things. The first and foremost thing that you have to focus in purchasing the bong is material. Of course, there are so many useful bong herbtools material are offered in the market and they are listed as follows.

  • Glass bong – This is the most widely used bong material by the people. It is also be effective for daily use. Some glass bongs are added with some attachments like party bowl pieces, ash catchers, extra percolators, upgraded down stems, single snap pieces and more.
  • Ceramic – This kind of the bong is smaller than the other types. Since it is so heavier, it can give the wonderful taste. It is also available in different shapes to make your choose to be better. One downside of this ceramic bong is, it does not allow the user to see the level of water inside it.
  • Plastic – It is also called as acrylic bong and it is so transparent to see. As it is plastic, there is no need to worry about its breakage. In certain cases, it does not give you the desired taste, because there is no glass.

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