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Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 5G Comparison

Published On August 30, 2018 | By admin | Auto

Looking for a modest, fast yet safe? The series of scooty that Honda has in its fleet is the best to choose from. The two most compared models are Honda Grazia and Honda Activa 5G. Though these are similar looking models, the style, features,and price are very different and often considered while choosing any one of them. Honda Activa 5G is priced at 53565INR and Honda Grazia is priced at 59622. But the features are very different and that forms the basis while choosing between these two models.

First, let’s have a look at the features that are different.

Features of Honda Activa 5G:

  1. Single Cylinder, SI Engine type
  2. It has an engine displacement of 109.19cc
  3. It has a power of 8.11 PS @ 7500 rpm
  4. The front suspension is the bottom-linked hydraulic type
  5. The rear suspension is hydraulic monoshock
  6. The front wheel is 10 inch
  7. The speedometer and trip meter are both analogue watches

Features of Honda Grazia:

  1. It has a 4 stroke, Single Cylinder Engine Type
  2. It has an engine displacement of 124.9cc
  3. It has a power of 8.63 PS @ 6500 rpm
  4. The front suspension is Telescopic Fork
  5. The rear suspension is Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type
  6. The front wheel is 12 inch
  7. The speedometer and trip meter are both digital

Similar features:

The above features are the differences between the two models. There are many features that are similar between these two models and are advantageous in both the cases. Some of these features are similar fuel system, fuel type (petrol) and a number of gears. The brakes, hence safety of both the model are similar. The type of tires, that is tubeless, and the wheel type, that is made of alloy. Both have a fuel capacity of 5.3 L. Both have a kick and self-start mode of starting. While there is an indicator in both showing low fuel levels, only Honda Grazia has a digital fuel indicator. Both have a standard guarantee of 24000 km in terms of distance and 2 years in terms of tenure.

Though the built and the weight of both the models are very comparable, the inner subtle features make all the difference. Moreover, it is such that sometimes it helps retain customer loyalty to Honda as these two models provide variety in the same comparable range.The mileage for Honda Activa 5G is claimed to be 60kmpl but as for the Honda Grazia, the mileage is claimed to be 46.7 kmpl. In the Indian mindset, this is where most of the decisions get biased and it is for Activa 5G. Most Indians give a higher weight to mileage as it shows the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and is an indirect measure of the cost efficiency as fuel price will be saved if the vehicle provides more mileage. Thus, broadly speaking the above points are considered but the difference in mileage wins the game at times for Activa and makes it one of the most sought-afterscooties in the market.

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