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The second largest country in the world is what most people prefer to immigrate to. Not only is it highly urbanized but also has 4 different seasons, unlike many other countries. Many Indians every single year move to Canada for some obvious reasons. The reasons being very simple immigration policies and the diverse culture which gets along with India, very well. There are many things in common between India and Canada as well. One of them being, Canada and India both have 4 different seasons. So, if one person from either country moves to another, problems in getting along with the climate won’t be a big issue. On the other hand, it is also true that the winters are much more chilled in Canada than India. If you want to go through the process of Immigration Canada permanent resident, it is not something really difficult. Being a permanent resident of Canada has many advantages as well which you should look forward to.

Why should you immigrate to Canada?

Canada Immigration permanent resident is what many people are opting for these days. There are some really strong reason behind it as well. After you get your credentials assessed and improve your language skills, getting a job is much easier in Canada. If you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can work, study or educate yourself anywhere around Canada without even producing various documents.

For crossing the border, there are documents that you must provide. Without the following documents, you would not be able to enter the country at all. Also, have to make sure that your documents are translated in either English or French so that the Canadian workers can get a brief idea about it.

The documents you will be needing to enter Canada are

  • Canadian immigrant visa
  • The confirmation for permanent residence of each of your family members individually
  • A valid passport for each of the people travelling with you
  • A detailed list of everything you are bringing with yourself (household items)
  • A list of items which will arrive late but you wish to take with yourself inside Canada

These documents should not be packed completely in your luggage because it might be needed anytime.

Advantages of being a permanent resident in Canada

  • Canada is ranked the fourth most accepting country in the world. This means that Canada is very welcoming to immigrants.
  • You can move around whole Canada for study purposes or work purposes
  • Many people just want to immigrate to Canada and not become a Canadian completely. Being a permanent resident in Canada would not make you a Canadian completely
  • All the social services Canadians receive from the government will be received by you as well

Indians immigrate to Canada a lot because getting a job and settling in Canada is not very difficult. In the large country with so many businesses, you will get your job if you are skilled enough. Moreover, the welcoming nature of Canada is what entices many people to immigrate.

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