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IPTV – What are the types of technology?

Published On December 3, 2018 | By admin | Live streaming

IPTV is defined as the digital network that broadcast multimedia services like television channels, video and many other graphics over Internet Protocol based network to deliver the best quality of service and experience the reliable interactivity. Instead of broadcasting television channels through cables and satellite signals, technology has developed in the use of internet protocol television system. This IPTV uses packet switching network to deliver television services. IPTV works in the four frame technology to get the end point signal. They are

  • Content source – This is the network from which the television services are taken. Thus local programs and other content network TV broadcast are provided from this source.
  • Headend – The content taken from the source are managed with media coding to send it through packets.
  • Distribution System – This is the frame where internet involves. The broadband technology distributes the packets to the IP
  • Home network – This is the viewing portal where the packets are encoded with the set-top streaming

Types of IPTV

Based on the user view and comfort, IPTV is classified into two. They are

  • Live television – This is the live streaming where the broadcasting is done as it is telecasted from the content source. This is the streaming system where viewer cannot pause or resume the video.
  • Video in demand – This is like pre-recorded video. Thus the broadcasted videos are saved in the category for further viewing. When user demands for the video, it is played on the device.

Why to choose IPTV?

With the fastest growing technology, people highly prefer IPTV since it is in the latest trend and the traditional mode of watching television is not adopted. These various reasons why IPTV is highly preferred, some of the major reasons are

  • Adoption towards the network and the broadband usability
  • Internet access is easier and more user friendly
  • Use of internet to provide combined services like data, voice, video and communication

Advantages of IPTV

  • This is a two way communication where viewers can interact with the server to view their television channel
  • There is no limitation in viewing channels.
  • Have best features like robust technology.
  • We can have cable free connection to save space.

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