Learning a Language in a Foreign Country

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Moving to a new country where the native language is very different from your own can make daily communication a bit harder. You can help yourself adapt to a new environment by learning a new language, and it also help you find job much more easily. In places like Singapore, Mandarin Chinese is one the four main languages that is spoken. It will also help you interact much more easily with potential bosses or employees or help you make some new friends too.

How Would You Like to Learn?
You can decide if you prefer to get a private tutor, be self-taught or enroll yourself in an institute. One of the main advantages of working with a tutor or being in a class is that you get to interact with other students or your tutor. That interaction can help make a difference. Some people even prefer to take online classes which can work out quite well for people who are constantly on the move.

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Where Should You Start?
At first you might feel rather overwhelmed especially if you are learning a language that not only sounds different, but has a completely different alphabet too. For example, if you find a Chinese school in Singapore that specializes in Cantonese Chinese but you wish to learn Mandarin Chinese, make sure you know the difference between each type of language even though they might sound similar to you. Do some online research and ask around as much as you can to find the ideal place.

Getting into a New Culture
You might be missing home and feel slightly out of place, which is another good reason to learn the local language. By making new friends and being able to get around, you can slowly ease yourself into a new environment. Again finding the right way to learn is what will help you on your way to success. If you have already started working or studying, go out with local or foreign colleagues who are fluent in the language and interact with them as much as you can. Before enrolling yourself in a Chinese school in Singapore, you will get a chance to speak to a staff member. Ask them how many students will be in the class and if one on one attention is a priority.

Other Ideas
If you are a bit shy about making new friends, you can even start watching Chinese language films or listen to music. You can even buy children’s text books or story books and start learning if you are a person who enjoys reading. You can try enrolling yourself for some online classes, where you will get more attention and you won’t have trouble with speaking and grammar.

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