Man, Myth, Messiahs, Heroes, And Legends

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Any great nation will be formed on the basis of certain ideals and are created by people who strongly believe in those ideals. These people are called the heroes and founding fathers and mothers of the nation. A great country powerhouse of the world such as America is built on people that had fervent dedication to the principles on which the country was founded on. These heroes reign supreme in our minds till date and in the minds of everyone all around the world.

Oblivious And Brave Heroes

A leaking copper pipeBut there are unsung heroes that are not just part of a great nation but work every day without even knowing it, to build a nation from the trenches to soaring heights. These heroes are overshadowed by the more famed so called ‘heroes’ like movie stars, politicians, and sports figures. People like firefighters, policeman, doctors, and household technicians like plumbers are the real heroes of a great nation. If they did not exist then the entire nation would falter. It is because these people do their jobs with dedication and utmost care that the other pretentious heroes are able to thrive. A telephone circuit problem in Texas and your local electrician would be there in minutes to help you, a leaking pipe Signal Hill in the state of California and your local plumbers fix the problems right up, or maybe in great town of Fort Myers your poor old whiskers ran up the tree and you brave firefighters will be there in a jiffy to save your cat.


Your local plumber has the toughest job of them all. Having to literally filter out all the dirt of your sink and make it clean again or perhaps a problem in the great state of California leaking pipe Signal Hill that can only be fixed by them. Should they not be called the real heroes? Someone who plunges themselves in the dirt to make sure you remain clean. If sacrifice and bravery is the hallmark of heroes, then firefighters and plumbers have taken up that title unanimously given by the people.

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