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When one hears the word vacation then it reminds him of different places where he can actually go and enjoy with family and friends. Vacations are the most exciting part of everyone life. People mostly plan vacation during summers or theychoose the place according to the weather. Well if we talk about transportation then people do prefer going by their own mode of transportation but when it comes to covering  the larger distance then choosing the public transport will be the best option. Now if we talk about covering the distance by bus then definitely there are so many online sites that are available that provide with buses and you can easily book then. Bus journeys are best if you have to cover shorter distances as they are comfortable and safe as well. Now here in this article we will be talking about Johor bahru to mersing busNow talking about the bus service then it is mainly favored by locals as well as the tourist who come to visit the place.

  • So you musthave come across one of the most favored holiday destination that is mersing. It has everything that you need to enjoy your vacations from religious places to famous spots this place will make you visit it again. You can plan the short trip as well as long trip that depends on your planning.


  • Well this city is very much easy to explore on foot. Once you visit the city you will definitely enjoy exploring the places. Well you can cover the journey easily by bus, specially the locals they prefer visiting the place by bus. As already discussed above you can also book buses now days online.
  • Talking about the best online site then definitely the name of will always come on the top. They have been the best service provider and have so many buses operating under them.
  • Once you open the site you will see the list of buses and according to your timings you can choose the bus. With you are just three steps away in getting your ticket.

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