Purpose of LED displays

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Light emitting diodes or LED is a technology used to display video using light particles. Mostly the LED display are made in outdoors. They are used for many purposes like displaying the store name, to display billboards, on the transport vehicles to show the places and more. There is a very small difference between LCD screen and LED Screen. The LCD uses normal CCFL backlight whereas Led Screen uses light emitting diodes.LCD screen consists fluorescent light which is emitted behind the screen. In led screen the light emitting diodes are placed in the edges of the images or placed behind them. The placement of light and lighting makes the major difference of LCD and LED screen. This is the main reason for the variation in the size of the screen.

Led video wall

People prefer using Led displays and Led monitors as they save energy. It means they are energy efficient and consumes less power when compared with a LCD. The light emitting diodes place dots on the screen thus forming the image. These light dots are made of high resolution and good brightness. The video displayed using these light emitting diodes are more eye catchy. The illuminating character of the led display makes the video livelier. While planning for a led display you need to check the stage lighting and other background lightings. In general there are two types of led panels used and they are

  • Conventional panels
  • Surface mounted device panels

Most of the outdoor Led video wall is comprised of conventional panels. Either they are individually mounted or they are made with a cluster or group of colourful lights. Whereas indoor led screen uses surface mounted device panels. These panels uses different coloured diodes mounted on a single chip or a chipset. Then they are displayed on the screen. Hence it is brighter and appealing. It will grab the attention of the passer-by or people who cross the video displayed.One of the best ways to advertise anything on roads and at public places is using LED displays. These led boards can be transformed and updated. Thus helps in dynamic usages.

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