Some Important Facts about Lie Detectors and Their Consistency

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At the times when you need to ascertain if someone is telling a lie or speaking the truth, as there are people who are very good at telling lies- well during such a situation a lie detector test can be quite helpful. This test is somehow considered to be very important for the matters when it comes to security, personal affairs or any sort of crime.

What is a Lie Detector Test?

 A polygraphic test or lie detector test is used to measure and analyze the body reactions through a series of questions with yes or no as answers. Here, based on the physiological reactions as the person answers the questions, the test can record and tell if he/she is telling a lie or saying a truth.

Also, the body reactions are recorded on the basis of various functions of the body. The reactions are observed under the subconscious state of a person, as these are the conditions that a person cannot control during the test. Any changes in the activities like faster heartbeats, higher blood pressure or respiratory rate or even an increase in sweat activity may indicate that a person is telling a lie.

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How are the Tests Done?

 This test is divided into the following three phases:

  1. Pre-test Phase
  2. Chart Collection Phase
  3. Analysis

During the first phase, the reactions of the person are gathered by asking a series of questions. This phase somehow provides a baseline of reactions when he or she is telling the truth or even lying. Next, the examiner again asks a series of question that is very specific and related to the incident or a situation which is under the police investigation. Here, higher the biological reactions to the specific question may help the investigators to may suggest if a person is telling a lie.

 At last, in the analysis phase, the examiner comes to a decision by observing all the reading thoroughly and hand the reports over to the court or the investigator. A lie detection test is considered to be one of the best methods to prove whether a person is guilty or innocent in situations where criminal activities are involved.


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