Staying Tidy With Kids

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Young children can be dirt and stain magnets, as any parent will agree wholeheartedly to. They have a knack for finding puddles full of mud to bring into your freshly mopped house and clean carpets. Their artistic skills push them to ‘decorate’ the walls with colourful paint and doodles. They spill their food all over their clean clothes. Children create messes, and it is up to the poor, hassled parents to deal with it. However, it isn’t impossible to stay tidy, even when you have young children running around, creating a mess. Being prepared for the inevitable mess will allow you to solve the problem faster. Ultimately, being messy is a part of being a child, and cleaning messes is a part of being a parent.

Prepare for Stains

If you give your child a cranberry juice to drink, somehow it is always when they happen to be wearing the new white shirt or dress you happened to buy them a few days ago. Like clockwork, the juice will end up spilled down the front of your child’s clothes. Stain removals Brisbane can be quick and easy if you use the right products.


Many detergents will do a quick and easy job of the removals, leaving the clothes as good as new. There are also many household products such as bicarbonate of soda that can take any stubborn stain out, so look online, and you’re bound to find a solution to the mess. When dealing with stains, it is always easier to get the stain out as soon as possible, before the stain sets. Keep any products you buy to get rid of stains together, so you can be as efficient and quick as possible.

Set a Place for Everything

Tell your child exactly where everything they use goes. Ask them to return their toys to the toy box, their books to the bookshelf, and their shoes to the shoe rack. Even if they do not listen at first, knowing where their belongings should go makes it much easier for them to tidy up. When they are old enough, involve them in simple and easy household chores to get them into the habit of staying tidy. It will also be easier for you if you know where everything is. No more misplaced keys? Sounds great!

Set Some Ground Rules

Staying tidy can be much easier if you create and abide by some family rules about what goes on in the house. Wipe your feet before entering the house, no shoes on the carpets or furniture, no drinks on the couches –these are all easy to enforce and easy to follow. If everyone in your family follows these rules, the messes created can be minimized, leaving you with more time to spend with your children!

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