The Best Flores Beach on Each of the Island’s Coasts

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What does a flores beach have that other beaches do not that it becomes more and more popular among tourists? Well, there is no arguing that Indonesia has thousands of beaches to offer to tourists, which is a given because the country is actually composed of islands. But when someone suggests that you should go to Flores Island to enjoy its many interesting beaches, chances are you would choose to go to Bali for its own beaches as a response. If that comes from a foreigner, it would be much understandable. But the fact that Flores as a travel destination is not even popular with domestic tourists to begin with is just sad. The island is a gem that stands out among fellow tourist destinations in Indonesia. Most places of interest (the beaches, for this matter) you can find in Bali, for example, are riddled with modernity and urban elements. Flores beaches are pristine and natural with their white sand and glass-like seawater. One of the few pink beaches in the world can be found in this island, showing just how of great opportunity it is to see it firsthand.

You can go to flores beach tripadvisorsection to find out about the most recommended beaches to visit once you arrive at the island. The reviews fellow travelers put on the beaches would be a very helpful help for you to determine which one you should visit first. You can gain insights into what to expect from each site and you can have a blast enjoying sunbathing and other kinds of activities. You can even post an inquiry about certain matters that become sort of concern to you such as the entrance fee or how to get to the beach in the first place and people would be more than happy to provide you with information.

The Best Flores Beach on Each of the Island’s Coasts 1

The industry flores beach tourismis flourishing. The island is clearly trying to break out of Bali’s shadow as an international-class travel destination. Flores gains momentum recently as it enjoys constant and steady flow of tourists either domestic or international. To give you a better picture, here are some of the best beaches you should visit during your stay in the island:

  1. TanjungKajuwulu Beach

TanjungKajuwulu is a beach located somewhere 26 km to the west of Maumere and to the north of the main road of the north coast. The waves of this beach are reasonably calm and its water is aquamarine blue in color. As it is tame in nature, the beach is perfect for swimming, canoeing, and for other activities that you can do with your family. It is also a location where you can find a mangrove forest, home to crayfish, fishes, and shrimps.

  1. Doreng Beach

On the south coast, 39 km south of Maumere, there is the Doreng Beach. The beach stretches for about 4 kilometers. At both ends, the beach is flanked by areas of black sand. Doreng Beach itself has white sand. At this beach, the waves are more challenging so it is suitable for surfers and experienced swimmers.

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