The different Types of artificial grass

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If you’re looking for artificial grass then, there are different variations in the artificial turf available in the market to choose from. However, out of plenty of options it is important to choose thebest product with superior quality and durability.

Kinds of artificial turf

There are mainly three kinds of artificial grass: Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. These variations are suitable for many different activities.

  1. Nylon Turf-This form of false turf is the strongest and the most durable out of all the available options. It can withstand extreme temperatures without losing its stability. No matter how much the foot fall is on the grass, it will never change its original shape as the grass fibers do not collapse.However, to get this turf you will need to lose your pockets as it is quite expensive range of artificial grass.rect-grass
  2. Polyethylene Turf-When it comes to replacing the water-consuming natural grass with an artificial one this type of range is the homeowner’s first choice. It is as soft as the natural grass and offers the same green look to the garden area. Polyethylene Turf requires little or no maintenance. But you can brush it to retain its original form. Ideally this type of turf is used is the playground for athletics such as baseball, football, and soccer game as it is resilient and can withstand any temperature.
  3. Polypropylene turf-Compared to Nylon and Polyethylene synthetic grass,Polypropylene turf is the cheapest and durable out of all. The grass turf is lighter in weight and made up of more pliable material, it can be used for indoor purpose or as a decorative piece. However, this type of grass is not suitable for high temperatures as it has lower melting point and persistent exposure to sun can cause disfiguration of the blades.

Apart from knowing the different variations of the artificial turf, it is very vital for you to know the quality of the product. Before buying the grass for your lawn make sure you do careful research to make a smart decision.


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