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The immense benefits of massage for babies

Published On October 19, 2018 | By admin | Health

Many health professionals say that massaging one’s baby helps develop the relationship with him and contribute to his development.It is also possible to start the massage from the first days of the life of the child. However, if he is premature or has health problems, seek the advice of a nurse or doctor before starting. If you are looking for the best massage treatment denver, then visit this link.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

-Massage your baby is a good way to develop the bond of attachment with him. Indeed, physical contact stimulates the production of oxytocin, a hormone linked to attachment.

-Massages have a positive effect on infant sleep. Thanks to the massages, the baby learns to relax, and his sleep gradually becomes longer. Her body also secretes more melatonin, the sleep hormone, following a message. Thus, the baby’s wake-sleep cycle improves.

-As messages are very relaxing, children who are being massaged would be less stressed.

-Massages would promote weight gain in the newborn and contribute to good digestion. They would also relieve the gases.

-Massages encourage communication with the baby as they require more listening to their non-verbal cues.

-They stimulate the blood circulation of the child, which promotes the transport of oxygen and the maintenance of the temperature of his body.

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How to massage your baby?

When you massage your baby, you also get to know him. You notice, for example, that he likes to be massaged with his legs, but that he is agitated when his arms are massaged. You must then adapt to his needs so that the moment of the message is pleasant.

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If you want to massage your baby, here’s what you can do.

Start with a message of a few minutes. Be attentive and adapt to your baby’s needs and reactions. Stop if he turns his head, stiffens, fidgets or seems upset. If he reacts well and you feel comfortable, you can continue.

Massage the arms, legs, and back of your baby. As he is used to being touched at these places, this type of massage should not stress him. Afterward, add the massage of the face, torso, and neck. For starters, for example:

– put your hand around your ankles or wrists and then make small circles with your thumb and forefinger;

– Wrap her wrist with your C-shaped hand and slide it to her shoulder.

Sing or talk gently to your child while you massage him. Listen to him “answer” you.

Do all babies like massage?

Some children do not like massage the first time. If your baby is crying when you start to massage, try:

-Some babies do not like to be massaged, whatever the talents of the person who massages them.

-to caress him gently,

-to speak to her in a very sweet tone,

-to sing to help him relax.

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