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Most of the businesses today, have now setup a virtual system. This is a direct result of the recent evolution of technology. The virtual environment provides number of attractive advantages over the traditional methods. Management of resources, product designing and manufacturing, purchases and sales and all other things can be easily managed by using the new infrastructure. Providing one of the most useful tool for managing your business, is an online portal gaining wide popularity day by day.

The service provided by

The guys developing the have worked on a very simple idea, which is holds great significance in the business. They have designed a lovely solution, which addresses the post – production issue of handling the payment and billings. The main focus behind the solution is creating a hassle free system for handling the post transaction invoices and receipts. This part holds more significance than you would imagine. At times, managing the receipts and invoices to match the financial records, turns to be very messy work. Hence, those at Sighted have designed this amazing tool.

Few notable features of the service

invoice tracking software

Among numerous usable characteristics of this web service, few prominent ones are discussed here.

  • The amazing system – The com has designed the perfect algorithm to send and manage the invoices. The system is designed in a way for automatic invoice generation, and different ways to customize the receipt.
  • The simple way of creating invoices – The whole system is on a virtual platform which can be accessed on a computer with any browser. They have established the system using a sophisticated design which creates a simple drag and drop system of creating invoices.
  • User interface – The web portal hosts a simple and intuitive user interface, which has very easy controls for designing.
  • The Transaction Tracking Solutions By SightedUsing advanced systems and algorithms, they have implemented a lucid data flow connecting several systems. They have connected databases and created a simple data analysis system, for several prediction algorithms.

The main motive behind implementing this system is to create a accurate database which will be preserved over time and produced accurately from anywhere, anytime. This data can be used for comparison purposes, and for generating attractive visual representation. These analytics will help to plan the company policies and business strategies, by monitoring the sales and expenses of the company.

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