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Things Not To Do After an Amazon Account Suspended

Published On December 13, 2018 | By admin | Business

Is your Amazon account suspended? Don’t know what to do? There are many sellers who make mistakes that can damage their appeal process. It can reduce chance for positive replies from the Seller Performance. On Amazon, reinstatement is one long process. So, it is important you start implementing the best practices when your account gets suspended. Here are certain things to keep in mind when your Amazon Account gets suspended.

Never be in a hurry in submitting your appeal

Suspension is one process. Sellers think they have to submit their appeal immediately and what they do is waste their appeal on an unproductive plan of action. Amazon will hardly reinstate any account after its first appeal. Unless it is a minor violation, process will take several days, or maybe weeks. Most of the suspensions need multiple communications with the Seller Performance.  They suspend plenty of sellers on the daily basis. Seller Performance examiners just take some minutes to review every appeal. Ensure you take time to prepare the effective appeal when submitting anything to the Seller Performance.

amazon appeal

Never try to open new account on Amazon

When the Amazon account suspended, sellers think they may open the new account on Amazon, and start fresh. Sellers use the different name & account, and they think they can actually fool Amazon, and begin selling again. Unluckily, it isn’t a case. Opening new account after the suspension can damage an appeal process or delay your reinstatement. Amazon has several ways of linking the seller accounts, and second account will get discovered or linked to its original account. When your second account gets linked, there will be no chance to get second account reinstated. So, point is seller has wasted his time in opening the new Amazon account, and had reduced his chance for reinstatement on the original account.

Never modify invoices

Sellers are aware that Amazon does not want them to get the inventory from any unauthorized sources. Because of this, when your amazon account suspended for any “inauthentic” inventory, sellers will modify the current invoices to “change” in what Amazon wants. Suppose seller has the receipt or any purchase order, then they can create the invoice, and submit to Amazon in a hope it can work out. Majority of time, this method does not work, and can damage your case significantly. Even slightest modification will result in the delays to reinstatement.

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