Maid Agency Fee in Singapore

What you need to know about Maid Agency Fee in Singapore

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There is a rise in the demands of maids who can perform different services such as washing of clothes, dishes, or cars, cleaning, ironing of clothes, folding clothes, gardening, and other house hold chores in Singapore. Noticing the citizens interest in this, the government of Singapore is cooperating with 3 stakeholders because of this.Different rules and regulations governs the employer, the different maid agencies and for maids performing the needed service. Employers usually have many questions such as the maid agency fee, the maid agency policies and how these maid agencies operates.  Search maid which is accessed via provides the exact answers to these questions and any possible one.

Why Maid Agencies?

It is one thing to look for a maid and another thing to look for a trusted maid agency that will assist you. Generally both task are difficult in Singapore. The major reason why it is difficult to get a good maid that will meet your need is because of the emergence of many employers, Maid agencies and independent search. With an increase in the following, there is an inevitable increase in fraud and disappointment. However, many help home maid agencies are options who are licensed by the government to perform this home maid service and who meet and gives people the optimal satisfaction to their need. These help options have made the hiring of maid to be easy and have also improved the employment of these maids.

Maid Agencies

The Operations of Maid Agencies in Singapore

Home maid agencies in Singapore operates following the stated laws implied by Ministry of Man Power (MOM).  A home maid agency won’t operate in Singapore if it is not licensed by the Singapore government. The license given to some of the home maid agencies is cancelled when any of them goes against the conditions that governs its operations. Itis also important to note that serious allegation against a home maid agency warrants to the termination of the license given to such maid agency.

Why Maid Agencies Charge?

Maid agency fee is generally based on the experience of the maid, the country and the service to be rendered.

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